SoulCare Research, LLC has made every provision to offer our outcomes at an affordable cost, but they are not free unless marked as such. For SoulCare Research to continue to provide products to our clients, our income is necessary. We contribute significantly to the work of missions around the world, as well as tithes, offerings, and the welfare of our own families. Without the income from our labor, we would not be able to give to the work of God, nor provide our clients the tools on which they rely.

Thus, all SoulCare Research products contain anti-piracy measures designed to:

  1. discover sale and transmission of products by unauthorized individuals
  2. unauthorized sales and identity information is logged
  3. logs are simultaneously passed to authorities and legal representation

A list of authorized customers is held at SoulCare Research. If you have purchased any SoulCare Research product from any party other than SoulCare Research, you have purchased a stolen product from a thief.

If you would like to help us stop piracy, you can remain anonymous, and simply email us the website address, email, person’s name or any contact information for the person or persons illegally selling SoulCare Research products. Thank you.